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Running Rehabilitation and Performance

Our physical therapist Dr. Caitlyn Hauswirth-Varis not only has extensive continuing education on running injuries and performance, she was also a D1 runner herself. She still runs now, and understands how important it can be to continue to run when you want to!

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Whether you are beginning to run after a surgery, injury, pregnancy, or just a prolonged period not running, we can help. Our expert PTs will guide you through a personalized program, restoring strength, flexibility, and confidence to propel you towards your running goals. 


Running Form Assessment

Our running form analysis and coaching helps you stride pain-free and conquer distances like never before. We utilize a combination of strength and range of motion evaluation, along with running form assessment to create a customized plan for you to run your strongest.


Running Performance

Let us determine the best things for you to work on in order to improve your performance, We utilize a specialized evaluation to determine where you may be weak or have limited range of motion. From there we can create an individualized plan to get you to where you want to be.

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