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The MTS Difference

Discover what makes us the top physical therapists in Fairfield County

Get to Know How We Treat...

Here at Manual Therapy Specialists, we believe the best physical therapy treatments start off with comprehensive diagnostics. If it's for an orthopedic issue or a pelvic floor issue, each and every session we will evaluate to see exactly what needs to be done. That way we can make sure you are getting the pinpoint treatment you need.

We start with our proven three step evaluation...

Movement Patterns

We look at static posture and alignment. Then at sequencing of common movements like walking, bending, and transitioning from sit to stand. Sport specific movements - like how you run, perform a deadlift, or swing a golf club. Whatever movement is important to you, we look at it and make sure you are moving as efficiently as possible.

muscle usage

Muscle Usage

Next we look at strength and ability to contract individual muscles in all planes of motion. Do you have any weaknesses? Is there an overuse of muscles due to injury or stress, or is there an underactivation of certain muscles? Can your stabilizing muscles keep you stable and allow the moving muscles to keep you moving? Can your muscles control you through the entire range of motion? 



We will look at mechanical restrictions. How much your body can move, and what the quality of that movement is. We are looking for things like stiffness, tightness, lack of flexibility, or lack of range of motion. 

movement patterns

And develop an individualized treatment plan...

hands on treatments

Hands on Treatment

Starting at the first session, we will get to treat you directly. That may include hands on work to the muscles and joints - soft tissue mobilization (massage), joint mobilization, instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization (graston), cupping, visceral mobilization, etc. Our specific hands on work is how we can help you get out of pain.



We will teach you about what’s happening and how you can fix it. We will teach you about the anatomy, any disease processes that may be happening, why your symptoms are happening, other factors that play into your symptoms, how to obtain a more optimal posture, optimal ergonomics for work, sleep positioning and tips, more efficient ways to play your sport or participate in your chosen hobby, ways to reduce injury risk, and many other things that will help you get better. This is how we work together to get you out of pain and to STAY out of pain.

specific exercise program


Every patient is given exercises specific to their exam findings. For some this might look like strength and mobility exercises, for others it is adding in more cardiovascular conditioning or working on coordination exercises. For some - it might be all three! Creating the right exercise routine is how we make sure you can stay pain free, its your job to do it!

Female Swimmer

What makes MTS different from other physical therapy practices?


We are pain detectives.

We figure out the root cause, the real “why” to your symptoms. If you just treat the symptoms you might feel better temporarily, but if you can find the source, you can feel better for good. Our treatment approach is centered on finding the actual reason that you are having symptoms. 


We specialize in the complex. 

Do you have multiple things going on? Have you tried other PT or chiropractic and it didn’t help? This is where we shine - figuring out the most complex issues is one of our favorite things to do. But let's say you aren’t a complex case - think of how fast we will be able to figure that out!


You will have the same physical therapist each session. 

You will know who you are seeing, and they will know you! Unless it makes sense to see the other - Dave and Cait both have different areas of expertise, so if you aren’t making progress fast enough, the other therapist can be consulted to make sure all the bases are covered.


We are experts in treating the whole body. 

We have years of experience treating a multitude of issues from head to toe. We mentor other PTs in orthopedics and pelvic health. We are the practitioners that PTs come to when they need treatment. 


We efficiently get results. 

Since we have a full hour with our patients and we are able to figure out the root cause, we get to the solution faster. Our attention is never split between multiple patients. All of our energy is focused on you for your session.


We have probably experienced your problem ourselves.

We can relate. We’ve had season ending injuries. We’ve tweaked our backs picking up a pen off the floor. We’ve had major surgeries. We’ve been dismissed by other medical practitioners. It might not be exactly what you have, but we’ve been on the receiving end of physical therapy many times ourselves, so we know what it takes to get better.

Ready to change YOUR life?

Talk with us and see how we can help you achieve exactly what your goals are!

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