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Caitlyn Hauswirth-Varis

Dr. Caitlyn Hauswirth-Varis

   Cait completed her Certification in Functional Manual Therapy with honors in 2018, making her one of less than 1% of PTs in the nation to hold this title. Since then has done mentorship and taken extensive course work in pelvic health physical therapy, earning her board certification in orthopedics, and began mentoring other PTs in pelvic floor physical therapy. She has experience working with a variety of pelvic floor dysfunctions and has completed specific coursework for continuing and returning to exercise for pregnant and postpartum individuals. She also has extensive experience working with patients with hypermobility spectrum disorders. As a prior D1 varsity athlete and professional athlete, Cait has experience with training and dealing with injuries that many athletes might unfortunately encounter through their careers. She truly takes a holistic approach to patient care – looking from head to toe for a potential driver to an issue.

   Cait grew up on Long Island and now resides in Stratford, CT with her husband Brian, their cat, and two Mini Australian Shepherds. Cait has personal experience recovering from injury and returning to high level athletics: she has torn both ACLs and had reconstruction surgery (the last in 2016). She currently still competes in ultimate frisbee on the local level, previously playing for the professional women's team NY Gridlock, and the #3 mixed team in the nation NY XIST. Cait was a varsity high school athlete in both tennis and track and field, where she competed in almost every field event as well as track events 800m and down. In college she specialized in pole vault – where her varsity D1 record still stands. After taking the CrossFit coaching certification “for fun,” she found herself coaching classes at her local gym. Cait has experience and passion for working with more complex cases – hypermobility spectrum disorders, pelvic floor issues, as well as anyone who might say “I’ve tried everything and nothing worked.”

  • DPT (Doctorate in Physical Therapy) - University of Hartford

  • CFMT (Certified Functional Manual Therapist) - Institute of Physical Art

  • OCS (Orthopedic Clinical Specialist) - American Physical Therapy Association

  • CF-L1 (CrossFit Level 1 Coach) - CrossFit

  • Pregnancy and Postpartum Athleticism Certified Coach - Brianna Battles

  • Certified Running Gait Analyst - RunDNA

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