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Fairfield County's Best Physical Therapists and Movement Specialists



Do You Have Pain When You Move?
Is your life being affected by that pain?
We can get rid of your pain so you feel great.
We do physical therapy that actually works...

Learn How To Get Back To The Workouts and Activities You Love

Did your doctor tell you to stop working out?
Do you have a nagging injury that won't go away?
Do you feel traditional physical therapy is a waste of time?
Are you struggling with some aspect of your sport?

Are you recovering from or trying to avoid surgery?

If so, you need to read this.

ebook cover physical therapy fairfield CT CFMT manual therapy specialists

Our 3 Step Process

Step 1:
Relieve The Pain
We will create an individualized plan of hands-on techniques and specific exercises to get you pain-free and feeling better.

Step 2:
Find The Root Cause
Get a clear reason for why you have your pain and what treatments are best for you.

Step 3:
Prevent Future Injury
We will help you create clean movement, strength and resilience so your pain won't come back.

Will You Continue To Ignore Your Pain or Not?
Don't Stop Doing The Things You Love To Do.
Take The First Step...

We've Helped Thousands Of People Reclaim Their Lifestyles

Dave is extremely knowledgeable and talented. I was referred to Dave by a sports medicine doctor many years ago after exhausting other medical options for an injury in my lower back. As a former Olympic athlete, running is an important part of my exercise routine. Dave worked his magic and brought me back to full fitness within a matter of a couple of months. I've continued to work with Dave to proactively prevent injuries.  I have referred numerous friends and acquaintances to Dave, who continue to seek his services, and rave about his talents. I can only offer an unequivocal 5 star recommendation for Dave. He's the best physical therapist I've ever worked with.

Arif Husain   Olympic Sprinter and Author of Angel America

5 stars physical therapy fairfield CT Manual Therapy Specialists CFMT

David is the best by far!! I wouldn’t be able to continue running half marathons or working out without your help. He quickly resolves whatever ails me at the time. Thank you so much!!

Tricia Lepore   Canadian National Ballerina and Pilates Instructor

Winner of the Grande Prix Lucerne (World Championship for Ballet)

5 stars physical therapy fairfield CT Manual Therapy Specialists CFMT

David was recommended to me by a friend and helped me so much with my back issues, he's a true magician when it comes to the human body! After being misdiagnosed by doctors, David was able to figure out the root cause of my back pain and helped me overcome it.

Polina Fridman   Yoga Instructor and Pole Dancing Instructor

5 stars physical therapy fairfield CT Manual Therapy Specialists CFMT

Trying to recover from an injury?
Looking to prevent future injury?
Are you trying to avoid a surgery?
Click the button below

We will call you for a FREE consultation.

The Manual Therapy Specialists Difference
1. We find the root cause of your pain so it won't come back.
2. 100% of your time is spent with your physical therapist.
3. We get FAST RESULTS, so you can live with joy and happiness.

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