Reviews of Manual Therapy Specialists

Dave is extremely knowledgeable and talented. I was referred to Dave by a sports medicine doctor many years ago after exhausting other medical options for an injury in my lower back. As a former Olympic athlete, running is an important part of my exercise routine. Dave worked his magic and brought me back to full fitness within a matter of a couple of months. I’ve continued to work with Dave to proactively prevent injuries. Dave is equally at ease treating pro-level athletes, weekend warriors, and non-athletic patients who might need help recovering from an injury. Perhaps the biggest compliment and endorsement I can provide for Dave is that I have followed Dave (and actively sought him out) when he’s moved to different practices. I have referred numerous friends and acquaintances to Dave, who continue to seek his services, and rave about his talents. I can only offer an unequivocal 5 star recommendation for Dave. He’s the best physical therapist I’ve ever worked with.

– Arif

I have had knee pain for about 4 months which has stopped me from being as active as I like to be. I had an MRI and the doctor told me my options were to limit activities that flare up the pain, injection in the knee or surgery. During my evaluation, David found a lot of dysfunction with my knee and leg and told me that my problem can be improved with manual therapy and specific exercises he would put together for me. After one treatment, my knee felt better. At the end of the session, I had better mobility and less pain. I can’t thank David enough for guiding me in the right direction. I look forward to more treatments and I am positive that David will help me to get back to the activity level I had prior to my knee injury without surgery!

– Vivi

David was recommended to me by a friend and helped me so much with my back issues, he’s a true magician when it comes to the human body! After being misdiagnosed by doctors, David was able to figure out the actual issue of my back pain and helped me overcome it.

– Polina

Dave is an incredibly talented physical therapist. I started seeing him for a repetitive stress issue with my forearm about 2 years ago. His knowledge of the human body and how to relieve pain and discomfort is unparalleled. Whenever my back acts up or my neck feels tight, he’s my first call even before I reach for the bottle of Advil. He’s worth every minute of the trip from Greenwich, CT for me.

– Joe

I have used many therapists over the years, but David Potucek, now at Manual Therapy Specialists in Fairfield CT, is by far the best. He has treated several problems I have had, including complete relief from a rotator cuff injury that he was able to resolve without my having surgery. He is the best!

– Walter

Over the years Dave Potucek of Manual Therapy Specialists has resolved multiple issues for me ranging from lower back spasms to neck pain and, currently, a rotator cuff injury. I call him “Magic Hands.” In addition to PT certification, Dave trained at the prestigious and rigorous Institute of Physical Art in Colorado. A master diagnostician and a lovely person to work with, he is gentle but laser-focused and effective.

– Dale

For over 40 years I’ve tried other physical therapists, acupuncture, mind-over-matter seminars, etc. None of these gave the results that I receive from the Functional Manual Therapy that Dave Potucek practices and is so great at applying.

– David

I used David twice: once after rotator cuff surgery and the other after total knee replacement. He was excellent during the sessions and in assigning effective exercises between those sessions. He is very knowledgeable and highly skilled… a true professional. I recommend him strongly.

– Zuhair

David is able to get right to the heart of the matter, whether dealing with a chronic or acute injury or if you are looking to strengthen or find optimal coordination. With great versatility, he assesses what needs to be addressed and chooses the approach that will work to support your goals beyond expectation. He provides care with great knowledge, efficiency, and resourcefulness, and he is eager to help you succeed!

– Marcia

David is the best by far!! I wouldn’t be able to continue running half marathons without your help. You are full of knowledge and always able to help quickly resolve whatever ails me at the time. Thank you so much!!

– Tricia

My goal was to avoid surgery. I had previously tried other forms of medical treatment, including traditional physical therapy, with very little success. Manual Therapist Dave Potucek took a different approach. I was able to successfully avoid surgery and improve my strength and posture significantly.

– Peter

David is an amazing therapist. He uses many different modalities to treat injuries and is extremely knowledgeable in his field. He is the best PT I have ever seen.

– Alison

Having seen my fair share of physical therapists, Dave is like no other I have ever seen or met. Many I’ve seen in the past go typically through their robot like programs and pays little to no attention to explain why you are doing a certain exercise. Dave has the knowledge base, the passion and the ability to educate his patient simultaneously to make him/her stick to the rehab program. If you want a professional who knows what he is doing Dave is the person.

– Carl