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We Help Active People In Fairfield County Get Back To The Sports And Activities They Love.

People Who We Help Include...

Adult and Youth Athletes
Who want to overcome a recent or chronic injury so they can elevate their game.

Active Moms and Dads

Who want to look better, feel healthier and be able to run after kids all day without pain or stiffness.


Who want longer drives, more power and mobility and want to be able to play for years to come.


Who want to be able to run their next 5k or marathon while training with an injury

Fitness Enthusiasts

Who want to stay in great shape,quickly make gains without injury, and have the  confidence to reach your fitness goals!


Rock Climbers

Who want to be able to climb without a nagging shoulder, hand or back injury and be able to send that project you've been working on.

Pilates / Yoga

Who want to get a stronger core, look more toned and lose weight..

* We Also Offer In-Home Physical Therapy *

David Potucek physical therapy fairfield CT Manual Therapy Specialists CFMT

David Potucek MSPT, CFMT

Owner/Founder of Manual Therapy Specialists

Certified Functional Manual Therapist With Honors

David Potucek is a leading Sports Physical Therapist in Fairfield County helping people to get back to the training they love. He is one of only 254 Certified Functional Manual Therapists in the United States and he passed with honors.  There are only 8 CFMTs in Connecticut and Dave was a mentor to 4 of them when they were residents. 

Dave is a former collegiate athlete and Division 1 gymnast, rock climber, pole vaulter, sprinter, hurdler, trail runner, fitness model, olympic lifter, power lifter and all around athlete. He specializes in treating patients with acute (recent), chronic (old and nagging) and complex (nobody else can fix) injuries. Fitness, sports and spine are specialty areas. In his free time David enjoys working out, outdoor activities, rock climbing and spending time with his wife and dog.

Dave offers you 15+ years of experience to help you get back to doing the things you love to do in life faster with longer lasting results. During each session we provide one on one, hour long, hands-on treatments in private rooms.  We won't just give you a hot pack and push you off to an aide to do some exercises.  We will find the root cause of your pain and teach you how to fix your injury and stop it from coming back.

Are you ready to get Relief from your pain? 

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